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The return of the Jessica... [27 Dec 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | content ]

God, myspace is being a bitch right now. I didn't want to write this on here cuz I don't really care much for livejournal anymore. Then again, I don't really care much for myspace now either. But still, would rather write there. Anyways... It's been ages since I've wanted to sit down and write anything... And there actually WAS some awesome shit I could have talked about, because a lot has happened since last I wrote. Mainly all due to my lovely lovely lover/boyfriend Anthony. But that's all in the past now and it would take me too long to go back. I have to go to work soon so nevermind. That doesn't mean I can't talk about what's happened recently though... yay. Christmas kinda started off rough this year. I'd been looking forward to Christmas for a really long time now and I was excited to spend this year with him. First part of the day, did my own thing with my mummy and opened presents and watched some movies and ate. Talked to Anthony on the phone and had a huge fight over something stupid the previous day but something that really hurt my feelings. But Anthony was drunk and yelled at me like the whole thing was my fault when it wasn't at all. So I got to cry a lot. But I still agreed to go over and see him and his family. So I did, and we all got drunk and opened presents and I got sick and fell asleep there. Hooray! Gosh.... lol that's terrible. It was really fun though. I don't know what's going on for new years yet, but I need to party. I have to say though.... I kinda liked drunk Anthony. Although he was a bit of a hypocrite about the whole drinking thing, I forgive him because he was sweet. haha. I want him drunk more often lol. not that he isn't sweet any other time, it's just.. ya know... drunk sweet. I love drunk sweet! (we shouldn't have made out in front of his family. 'nough said.) I finally feel like I belong. I do have to say that I was almost to the point where I wanted to break up... on fucking Christmas, for god's sake. What is wrong with me? I guess I get too frustrated sometimes and I don't see any other way to solve the problem. I am so glad for the alcohol, which is such a bad thing to ever say.. You can't thank alcohol for solving your problems. You shouldn't even let it "solve" your problems. But in this case, it did. And we forgot why we were fighting and just had a good time and told each other how much we love each other and I know I made him happy by being there and now I am more in love with him than I was before. No more problems. I don't even care about what we were arguing about. So... I'm happy once more. Thank you white russians. haha.

Other than that, I can't think of another thing to write right now. I have to go to work soon and cover someone's shift when all I want to do is be with my baby. ah well... there's always tonight.

hope everyone had a great christmas with lots of love.

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Hey! [27 Dec 2006|05:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Does anyone actually read these things anymore??????

Post a reply if the answer is yes!

If the answer is no, then yeah obviously I get it.


love, Jessica

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hahahahahahaha nerd [08 Jun 2006|05:52pm]
[ mood | moody ]

you love it... i know

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Wonder Woman
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Green Lantern
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

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I heard someone got beat up by the easter bunny... [17 Apr 2006|11:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

and I think it's fucking hilarious. Hope everyone had a good easter. lol

Wow, it's been a while! I missed livejournal. but geez, not like anyone ever writes on this thing anymore. Which ultimately means that no one will read this! But oh well, I don't write it for anyone but me anyways.

So... boys boys boys boys... this neverending bullshit. that's right. bullshit.

Let's see.. I cannot, no matter how hard I try, get over Johnny. I'm so fucking stupid. It's been 2 months! What the hell is wrong with me?
Do you ever have a dream that feels so real, so incredibly real, and everything in it is just going so right and wonderful and the way you want it, that you never ever want to wake up to face the coldness of reality? A dream where you would rather stay asleep in that world that seems so perfect that you would give up all hope of waking up for good? Wow... I can't believe a dream affected me that deeply. It's crazy. And it's the harsh truth. And it sucks.
I hate being hit on. It was fun at first, now it's just getting old because I can kinda see what's behind it all. I get it. And idiot me, I fall for it sometimes. Only because I am looking for something I'm missing. But I'm looking in all the wrong places and with the wrong people. I need someone who is real... Someone who will really love me for me. And that's it.
So I've definitely decided on taking a break from guys, which I think is a very good idea, and I won't be going out with anyone anytime soon and hopefully that means also not doing other things that could get me into trouble or be horrible mistakes. I'm done with those.
Same drama, same bullshit. I'm done.

I'm so terrible at school. I know that I should be doing stuff and studying for things and looking up info for class, but damnit.. I just don't care sometimes.. (most times).. and right now is one of those times. It's getting near the end, true. Wish it was over now. It's not that I can't keep up. It's just my heart's not in it now. I've been trying though. I got better from like a month ago. lol. at that time, I was skipping and not doing anything and then I got sick and missed more. I honestly will be surprised if I pass. But I've been a good girl lately, doing what I should, getting things done. go me!

I dunno what else to talk about. I'm kinda bored with writing actually. So screw it. I'm off for the night. Peace out. Much love.

Oh yeah, my birthday was a week ago lol. yaaaay. Um, I remember getting a little tipsy with someone. Good stuff.
Ok that's all folks. No random thoughts tonight. Not in the moooooood.

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It's offcial... [10 Mar 2006|11:24pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I think I've finally become completely desensitized to the feeling of disappointment.
Hey, I've felt it so much, it was bound to happen some time.
Now, when something bad happens, I don't feel a thing. Am I on my way to becoming an emotionless robot, like some people I know?... hmmmmm................................
Maybe I deserve to be alone. I'm so used to it by now.
Eh... Yep.
Well... this sucks.

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You know it's hard out here for a pimp... [06 Mar 2006|05:11pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Not like anyone gives a crap... But damnit, I love gay cowboys too much.
Brokeback should have won best picture. And that's that.
The academy totally copped out. Instead of giving brokeback what it completely deserved, they gave it to a movie that won't even be remembered in a couple of years. But everyone, I'm sure, will remember the gay cowboy movie. So yeah, let's not be controversial and give it to the gay love story... right.
Lol, I have no idea why I'm so bitter about this. I just really loved this movie. And I think it was totally robbed. It was probably the best movie I've seen in years. But that's just me.
But like I said, no one but me cares.
Oh and Jake Gyllenhaal... Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. lol. We should have babies. No kidding haha. They'd have amazing blue eyes.

Anywho, what else has been going on? Well, I see my life on a downward spiral. Just seems whenever I'm happy, it never lasts. And now, I've been trying to replace someone and it just is not working. I can't seem to get over it. And though he totally treated me like shit, I'm not denying that at all, I still cannot get over wanting to have what we used to have. Stupid, I know. I let people do this to me, I cry about it, say I'll never let anyone do it again, and then I'm right back doing the exact same thing. It's a vicious cycle.
So yeah, all I can think about is how I want things the way they were, you know, when I was actually happy. I know he was a total jerk who took me for granted and treated me like complete shit. No one deserves to be broken up with in a text. haha. And he's still being a jerk to me by not being a man and talking to me about any problem we ever had, therefore making it harder for me to put it behind me and still be friends. But still, I must be some kind of idiot. I miss everything. I miss what we had, and the excitement, and the fresh feeling of someone new, and even after all those months it still felt new, and I just miss everything about him. But really, what I miss the most is the way he used to treat me, like I was everything, like I mattered, like I was really special. I used to not have to wonder whether or not he liked me. I knew that he did. The worst part about this is that I now realized how much I totally fell for him. He fucking got me good. That's why I can't get over it so easily I guess. I really was close to being in love, I think. And he got me so good.
Why do relationships have to be so hard? Now I feel like I'm just going to be thinking about what I miss with him with whatever guy I go for next. Or how it should be him instead. I know, stupid me. I will get over that feeling after a while. I should be over it now. Blah. I know, time heals. But I don't see it happening anytime soon. Gotta have hope though. Always gotta have hope. It's all I got left.

Random thoughts...
I love Three 6 Mafia and am so glad they won last night lol awesome.
I think I'll be looking for love for a very long time before I find it... that is, if I find it.
Here's my thought on gay people: If you are lucky enough to find love, no matter who it's with, male or female, then good for you. more power to you. many of us won't ever be that lucky. so if you find love and it truly makes you both happy, then who is anyone to tell you it's wrong or sinful or whatever? that's not fair. Love is love. Take it wherever you can get it and wherever makes you the happiest.
Sorry, this is what Brokeback does to you. lol.
And it should have won! Bastards.
Why is it that when you are just out of a relationship, guys think it's ok to take advantage of you?
But really, I do need a rebound. lol oh, that sounds terrible.
Just terrible...
But it's true!
The amount of offers has been amazing lol simply amazing.
You know what? That makes me sound like a slut.
Eh, oh well.
But hey, good thing about all this crap... new years resolution = complete
Ok, I'm done. I'm done talking about relationship problems/solutions. The solution being a rebound. haha. terrible, truly terrible.

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Sadness is easier because it's surrender... [02 Mar 2006|02:48am]
[ mood | happy ]

So I've decided to be happy!
And with that said, I bring you another installment of insane IM conversations...

Jdiva182 [1:52 A.M.]: Redeclipse03 [1:50 A.M.]: oh.......... well i get out of work early that night cause im doing a double..... i was just going to ask if you wanted to maybe get a caramel or mocha cappachino?
Jdiva182 [1:52 A.M.]: lol like seriously, who says that???
Jdiva182 [1:52 A.M.]: a caramel or mocha cappachino? wtf, psycho!?
Parker042284 [1:53 A.M.]: lol
Parker042284 [1:53 A.M.]: maybe he likes those
Jdiva182 [1:53 A.M.]: well i dont like them with him
Jdiva182 [1:55 A.M.]: omg then he asked if i was into coffee, and i said not too much, and then he said yeah me neither lol crazy

Jdiva182 [2:00 A.M.]: jesus.. ive never gotten so many myspace messages from strangers in the same day
Parker042284 [2:03 A.M.]: pretty popular lady tonight
Jdiva182 [2:03 A.M.]: i know. i dont get it. why today?
Jdiva182 [2:03 A.M.]: this myspace thing has totally made my day better
Jdiva182 [2:04 A.M.]: its nice to hear compliments from complete strangers when youre down
Parker042284 [2:04 A.M.]: i would imagine it would be
Jdiva182 [2:04 A.M.]: ive had like 5 guys message me
Jdiva182 [2:05 A.M.]: crazy. im not even that good looking
Parker042284 [2:05 A.M.]: yeah you are, what are you talking about
Jdiva182 [2:05 A.M.]: i dunno. insecurities
Parker042284 [2:05 A.M.]: everyone has em
Jdiva182 [2:06 A.M.]: you know what it is.... its jake gyllenhaal in the background
Jdiva182 [2:06 A.M.]: lmao
Parker042284 [2:06 A.M.]: im sure thats whats attracting all the guys
Jdiva182 [2:08 A.M.]: maybe!
Jdiva182 [2:08 A.M.]: i sure hope so

Jdiva182 [2:15 A.M.]: this dude keeps asking me out. its freaking me out. what do i do?
Parker042284 [2:15 A.M.]: say no
Jdiva182 [2:16 A.M.]: its rude to say no
Parker042284 [2:17 A.M.]: so
Jdiva182 [2:17 A.M.]: i dunno. i cant be rude to ppl i dont know
Jdiva182 [2:18 A.M.]: they might kill me

Jdiva182 [2:21 A.M.]: Redeclipse03 [2:20 A.M.]: well, whenever you are ready or think im sane, ill try to make a cheesecake that day.........
Jdiva182 [2:21 A.M.]: wtf?!
Jdiva182 [2:21 A.M.]: lol
Jdiva182 [2:21 A.M.]: hes gonna make me a goddamned cheesecake, casey... full of arsenic
Parker042284 [2:21 A.M.]: lol thats weird

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seriously, grow a pair... [26 Feb 2006|02:43am]
[ mood | pissed off to the extreme ]

I don't think anyone will ever know how pissed off I am..

and the one person who should know everything that is on my mind because he caused it won't speak to me.

and oh yeah, it's been a week already. and this shit is still going on? fuck, of course it is. nothing ever changes.

life is good.

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I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember... [16 Feb 2006|12:38pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Pretty much sums up my life.

blah blah blah blah blah

And everything seemed to be going so well up until now. Hmmmm....
I feel a little stressed out. I shouldn't. Not now.

Random thoughts:
Why, why, WHY do we have to keep getting into these stupid little fights?
I hate it.
I'm terrible.
Low self esteem? What's that?
You know when you find that one person that for some reason you feel so comfortable with that you can be honest about things that you've never told anyone else before? Yeah...
I just wish it worked both ways. It's not fun being the only one.

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made it skeet skeet skeet like a waterhose... [07 Feb 2006|12:47am]
[ mood | happy ]

random thoughts:

I'm so happy.
I'm glad that things are much much better between us.
I still, in a weird way, feel like I'm not his girlfriend.
I hope to get over this soon.
I hate comm 1... yeah that's right, I said it.. I hate doing assignments.
Essay's due tomorrow!..... daaaaahhhhhh. Need to start writing. Soon..... Sooooooon.
Did I mention I was happy?
Because I am.
And being happy makes me happy.
Uh.... Yeah.
Biology is laaaame.
Crap, I gotta start writing.
It was so nice tonight. Sooooo nice...
It was.. so nice.
I'm absolutely in love with Jake Gyllenhaal.
Omg, he's gorgeous. hehe
Jake Gyllenhaal..... ::swoon::
Gay cowboys... ::swoon:: j/k but I did love that movie.
Aw, gay cowboys remind me of my ghostbuster cowboy from universal :( How I miss him.
I saw LeAnn Rimes saturday.. she is awesome.
Favorite LeAnn Rimes song: Blue
Mardi Gras starts this saturday. whoo hoo.
K, I gotta put this up here.. Lyrics from Unpredictable:
"Some say that sex is overrated, but they just ain't doing it right."
fo sho
Ok, now I have seriously got to start writing. Son of a bitch.

peace out

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Hi-ho silver, is what I say! [30 Jan 2006|05:30pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

As I sit here and listen to Apache by the Sugarhill Gang, I am reminded that Mardi Gras starts in less than 2 weeks! whooooooooooooooooohooooooooooo. (why does this song remind me of mardi gras? I honestly don't remember. lol I just remember how I want to do the fresh prince dance there.)
I'm suddenly getting excited. I dunno why it's always felt so fun to me, but I realized how much I missed it and I'm glad to be going back. KC and the sunshine band, anyone? fo shizzle.

Yeah so I am still slightly upset over this crap with Johnny. Not many know about it b/c I'm not really feeling like discussing it with many people. But I don't think we're getting along very well at the moment. well obviously. This is hard. It wasn't supposed to be this hard. It's so stupid too. See what happens when I finally want to be with someone, someone who I've liked for a reeeeaaalllllly long time, and who I want to feel special to? It all turns out bad! WHY? Because I had to be a slut and let it go too far. Dahhhhhhhhh. I hate myself sometimes. Wow, it all happened so fast. Fuuuck. Not that I regret anything, I just wish it was handled different. But nooooooo, I'm an idiot who acted more on feelings than on brains. Yeah, I get it. My fault. But still, why does it have to screw up what we potentially have now? Slow down????? It hurts so bad to be told that for some reason. Why? I have no fucking clue. Honestly. Maybe it's because it's almost like being told that someone doesn't want to be close to you anymore. Which is basically what it's felt like for a while now, like he doesn't want to be close to me anymore (or "just for a while") and like he's kinda not into the whole idea of having a relationship with me anymore. I can totally see it too. It's like ever since the whole "let's slow it down" talk, he's been avoiding me on that level and on a personal level too. I wish he would just talk to me if he had a problem. See what happens when I let someone in? I always get hurt in the end. I never meant to be a burden to him, which is what I now completely feel like. Doesn't make any sense... We've only been dating for 3 fucking weeks! This has to get better... It just has to. I want it to. I'll make it better. Unless this is really what he wants. Then I'll just feel a little used, a little pissed, and a whole lot sad.

Whoa, taking a step away from that...
To my complete and utter surprise, Matt has been extremely supportive at the moment. I can actually talk to him about my problems, he isn't getting upset about hearing about it, and he's just been a total sweetheart and really nice and checking up on me to see how I'm feeling or if anything has changed. Well, I feel a bit better now, nothing much has changed, and I'm really happy that Matt's still a good friend.

He called me last night from his friend's house... They were both drunk. Ah, drunk calls are the best, aren't they? I laughed a lot last night.. I really needed that.
Oh and apparently Matt thinks I'm a goddess who deserves to have every guy out there.. or at least that's what the alcohol told him to say. Whatever. It was hilarious. I appreciate it. But goddess? Wow.

Current thought at the moment:
I hate valentine's day. Love is overrated.

Oh wait... No it's not.

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Fuck me... (no, not literally)... [29 Jan 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | confused ]


I'm so confused.
that's all.

In other news:
I love Brokeback Mountain.
Cowboys rule!

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Funny ol' world, isn't it... [10 Jan 2006|12:42pm]
[ mood | content ]

I don't get how things seem to work themselves out, but they somehow manage to. I go from being completely depressed to completely elated. and it was like when everything seemed to be ending, it turns out it just gave way to more opportunities. God loves to play these little games with me.. well, with everybody I guess. But he definitely likes to pick on me a lot.

to sum up recent events:

as of saturday night, johnny and I are officially dating.

saturday was actually a really good day... I saw my brother and my niece at fun attic, both of which I haven't seen or talked to in more than a year. It was really nice and a great surprise. then it was a fun day at work, despite the evil spawns of satan later that night. and then I went to see the producers with johnny and he asked me out. I'm so happy. I don't think I've ever felt this way about anyone before and I love that feeling.

sunday was the last day of work. sad sad sad.. it's so weird not having a job anymore.

monday I started class at bcc.. biology, blah. then time with johnny.. very nice ;) but yesterday was really weird. it wasn't a good day, until night time.

today went to comm 1 for like 20 minutes. nice. and now I'm just sitting here..

I watched moulin rouge last night. lol I know, I'm a nerd. But I fucking love that movie. it's so damn good. that and the notebook are my ultimate true love movies. I want a love like that! maybe I will get it... you always have to be hopeful for love. you never know when it will happen.

main thought of lately:
I'm definitely not bitter anymore.. :)

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Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck... [06 Jan 2006|05:28pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

omg, if i would have written this wednesday, or even yesterday, it would have been filled with depression and pissiness and hate and sadness... but, since a couple days have passed, I've gotten over most everything. so it's not gonna be that bad. lol.

I would love to go into everything, but then everything would end up making me look stupid, and I don't feel like reliving it. So I will give a short summary of the events that have occurred over the past couple days, wednesday in particular...

1. cynthia and I went to universal... I drove.
2. I had a feeling that something was going to go wrong all day long.
3. everything is pretty much fine... I drop her off, and then I back into a car. (bad moment #1)
4. I go home, cry, and my mom ends up being completely uncaring about the situation and really only criticizes me and my "decisions". makes me feel worthless and like crap. (bad moment #2)
5. then find out that my manager called. Call her back and find out that fun attic is closing down for good and that all of us working there have just lost our jobs. (bad moment #3)
6. So, within 2 hours, I have gotten into a minor car accident and I have lost my job.
7. I freak out because it seems like nobody gives a damn about me and that I feel completely alone. I cry all night long til I fall asleep.
8. I realize that I really would like to have a boyfriend and that I was so stupid to say no to johnny. there was no reason to say I was unsure. I think I was just scared... I ask him about it again, he basically turns me down. (bad moment #4) but there is still a chance there, so I haven't given up yet.

so yeah, that's what's been going on. fucking great life lately. I really think god is trying to punish me for just being born. I dunno, I haven't done anything wrong. how the fuck does shit like this happen?
I'm not looking forward to school, but since I don't have a job as of monday, it shouldn't be as bad as it might have been. I guess I'll look at this as more of a break than anything. God, sunday's gonna be so sad. I'm gonna miss the fun attic and (most) everyone there. this sucks. I hate karate.

And I've realized that I am so bitter when it comes to people having boyfriends or girlfriends. I want to have someone too. I want to have someone who I can love and who loves me. I miss that. But I know for sure that I am ready. I just hope I haven't lost him and I hope that I didn't fuck this up by being unsure.

Ok, just felt like getting that all off my chest. I can't believe how incredibly bad these last few days have been. It's amazing how fucked up life can get, for no fucking reason at all. I'm really bitter towards life too at this point lol. Today kinda picked me up at work though. I'm gonna miss it like crazy.

Final thoughts:
I hate life. I hate cars. I hate boys. I hate people. I hate feelings. I hate crying. I hate being used. I hate being taken for granted. I hate the way I'm treated. I just hate it all.

But these feelings will pass, and something good will happen, and that's when it all comes crashing down again. There's just no winning.

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Why live life from dream to dream... [03 Jan 2006|11:28pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I gotta say, when it comes to boys, I'm just completely lost. I really want to make it work with someone, but I guess I'm just scared to. I don't know how ready I am for another relationship. Plus it doesn't really help when I really really like this guy, so if this all gets screwed up, I'm faced with the possibility of losing everything with him. Maybe I'm looking into this too deeply, but I don't know. I'm just not sure what to do. It's too complicated. And I should have been so happy today because someone actually wants to date me and honestly likes me and he's the type of guy that I never have to question whether or not he really likes me. I know he does and seems like he always has. But I wasn't that happy today, just confused. For some weird reason, this all seems so sudden.. which is stupid to say because this has been going on since, what, july or august I believe. I felt bad telling him that I wasn't sure... I hope he didn't take it the wrong way. But isn't it a good thing that I actually felt bad saying that? I mean, if I didn't want to go out with him, I wouldn't have cared at all, and I definitely wouldn't have felt bad saying "I don't know." I just need time to figure things out, I guess. What am I saying? I've had all the time in the world. Regardless, I'm still unsure. I don't want to screw this up. Anyways, I know how he would treat me, and it's probably better than anything else I could ever imagine. So I don't know why I'm hesitating.. but for some reason, I can't do it. Not right now. But maybe soon. I'd never say never to that offer.

Changing subjects, I finally get to hang out with Cynthia again! yay. Going to universal tomorrow, what else is new? But still, good times to be had, I'm sure.

And I actually registered for classes finally. go me.

I think I've said all that I can say for tonight. Just my 2 cents on my current issue.

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Goodbye 2005... [31 Dec 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

...Hello 2006!!

Happy New Year, everybody.
here's a sweet little new year's gift... ok not really, but at least I thought it was funny.

Jdiva182 [3:37 P.M.]: i need a diiime, thats top of the line.. cute face, slim waist, with a big behind.
Auto response from Parker042284 [3:37 P.M.]: I have stepped out to lunch.
Jdiva182 [3:45 P.M.]: whats up mary... mary jane... since i have met you girl, you ruined my brain... you stole my heart... right from the start... so i broke you down lil mama, left you in the dark..... I gotta stay hi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-igh til i di-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ie
Parker042284 [3:51 P.M.]: lol what are you talkin bout????
Jdiva182 [3:51 P.M.]: lol i was rapping for you

fo shizzle....

And what is my one and only resolution for the new year, you might ask???
To lose that pesky annoying thing they call my "virginity"... oh yes, son.. it will happen.

Have a good one. I hope I will. and stay safe.
Yay, 2006!
much love

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Rockin around the christmas tree... [23 Dec 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | miserable ]

I know it's been a while... a looong while, actually. Just haven't really been in the writing mood lately, especially when nothing interesting ever happens. All I seem to be doing now is working and hanging out with casey. it would take forever to explain, and I don't have forever because my body is shutting down again because I'm sick. I gots myself a cold of massive proportions and I feel really crappy. I've seen some movies lately... most recently, King Kong and Narnia. I give king kong an A+ because it was so good, despite being really disturbing. and I give narnia a B+ because I really didn't get into it that much, but it was still good. fo sho.
Christmas is right around the corner. I loved Corey's gift for me for secret santa lol. popcorn is awesome, and so is britney spears perfume. I love it.
I haven't seen much of anybody in a long time. that makes me sad. I really wish I could just make a date to go do something with some of my friends.
I went to universal for the first time in a long time monday. Saw the macy's parade. awesome as usual. makes me happy to see it. Only people I recognized: one of the Harrisons, and Pimp! or at least I think it was pimp. He was in the infamous banana suit again. lol. im pretty sure it was him, but he went by so fast i cant be sure.

Random thoughts (oh how I missed them):
I work way too much.
I miss my buddies.
2005 is almost over. wow.
I'm pretty sure Casey will get sick because of me. sorry.
I need opportunities to take pictures. I need pictures!
I've been having crazy dreams lately. I love it.
Am I a myspace whore?
This has been a really interesting year. With a lot of ups and downs. One hell of a year. I would say that the first part of the year was probably one of the worst periods in my life, but since summer, things have been so much better, especially with the new people in my life and the new things I have, like a car and a job. So I guess there's always a silver lining.
One question: Why does Andy always have to die??????? why?! (no one's gonna understand that lol)
Pinkie Pie.... hehehehe
"Let's get some fuckin french toast..."
I really want to see the gay cowboy movie. so hott.

Best movies that I saw in 2005:
3. King Kong
2. Phantom of the Opera
1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (oh my god, brilliant. just smashing.)

I love everybody!!! Leave me comments.. it's uber appreciated.

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Holy shit, bitches! [10 Nov 2005|06:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]


me! of course, sillies..

finally, I might add.

Yeah so I FINALLY got a car..

::does a jig::

And it is fucking sweeeeeet..

::does a happy jig::

but it didn't come exactly cheap..

::does a less enthusiastic jig, but a jig nonetheless!::

I'm so excited... I've been waiting for far too long for this moment. And I deserve this. So yay!!!

I need to celebrate, but I will be out and about driving tonight, I'm sure. yay!

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Happy Halloween [31 Oct 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

Jessica is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

lol.... yeah, i dunno
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just when I thought things were turning around... [27 Oct 2005|12:19am]
[ mood | sick ]

...then I got sick. I'm sick again. wtf, man. This seems to happen a lot to me. Blarg.. ah well. no biggie. I'm a tough girl.

But too bad about this cold, I may have to skip out on county line. just like last week! lol, which reminds me how I never talked about that night. yeah well amanda did not join in on the fun, so me and casey skipped cl and went to denny's for ice cream instead, cuz I wasn't gonna dance alone, and he wasn't gonna dance period. So yeah, pointless to waste moolah. ice cream = much better idea. too many po-po out that night. why DOES it take 3 cops to pull over one car??? bwahahahaha. We didn't have money to buy some stuff. I remember falling asleep and getting home really late. fun fun fun. yeah. Well hopefully we can do something for real tomorrow night at cl, including amanda. depends on my illness.

I'm still looking for a costume. I went to Orlando today. boring.

I really do have a few things I'd love to talk about but I just feel like shit right now. So, no. I'm not writing anymore. haha

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